Student Medical Certificate Packages

Earn an A+ grade in your Healthcare

Get your Student Medical Certificate with a family medicine doctor, a pediatrician or an internal medicine specialist. For children of all ages.

Family Med Student Package  

Suitable for any student above 14 years old looking for the best value for money considering the consultation being conducted by a family medicine doctor

The package includes:

  • Medical Certificate

  • Family Medicine Consult

  • Vital Signs

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Chest Xray PA View adult

  • Urinalysis 

Specialist Student Package

Designed for those students under 14 yeards old for which the medical consultation will be done by a Pediatrician, or those students older than 14 years old interested in a consultation with an internal medicine specialist.

The package includes:

  •  Medical Certificate

  • Specialist Consult 

  • Pediatrician or internal medicine

  • Vital Signs

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Chest Xray

  • APL view Pedia (for 13yrs old or younger)

  • PA view Adult (for 14yrs old or older)

  • Urinalysis 

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