Cookies and cache policy

Cookies and cache policy

We use cookies in our website to provide the customers with the best possible online experience regarding medical and health care services.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file or a block of data that is sent to user’s web browser and stored in the memory of the user’s device while visiting a website. It is useful to make the navigation in the site with efficiency. It is also useful because it enables to collect of user’s data for analysis on how the website is being used by the visitors, determination of repeat visits, browsing habits, and create the best possible customer experience.


Some cookies are deleted every time a browser is closed but other cookies remain in the user’s device until they expire or when the user deletes them from the device.


What are caches?


Cache is a temporary storage of web page resources stored in the user’s device for faster loading of web pages. The pictures, videos, clippings, audios, and others might take a considerable time before the entire website loads completely. By storing pictures, videos, clippings, audios, and others in the user’s device, the loading of the website shall be faster than the first access.


Why do we use cookies?

  • to recognize your computer when you visit our website

  • to enhance the website’s usability

  • to visit the website with efficiency and rapidness

  • to track the navigation in the website

  • to analyze the usage of the website

  • to use the data by providing quality medical and health care products and services through marketing and advertisements to the users

Accepting or rejecting cookies and cache

The users of this website has option to configure on user’s internet browser or devices to provide a warning every time a new cookie is about to be stored in order to decide whether to accept or reject it. If cookies and cache are already in the user’s system, the user’s has an option to delete them.

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